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Tall Semi-Recumbent (TSR) Road Bike Evolution.
Through The Ages, In Pictures.

(Showing the most well known)
You'll notice that on each new generation of the Modern Road Bikes featured, the wheels get BIGGER.

You're probably wondering why we're willing to show other people's bikes on our site...
the answer is very simple... 

...These other bikes, are proof to potential investors, that a market does exist for TSR bicycles.

With E-Cargo-bikes steadily growing in popularity due to their electric pedalling assistance and increased luggage carrying capacity, it was only ever a matter of time before somebody would think of turning a TSR into a Cargo-Bike. The only questions were, who'd do it first, and when. Fortunately, the answer is US and NOW. 

29er Traditional Upright            32er Tall Semi-Recumbent


The difference between a Tall Semi-Recumbent Bike and a Crank-Forward Bike.

A crank-forward bicycle has its bottom bracket and cranks set further forward, relative to the seat, than a traditional upright bicycle.


The main functional difference of a crank-forward bicycle to an upright bicycle, is that the seat can be set closer to the ground while maintaining the correct leg extension to the pedals. This also allows the rider to be able to place both feet simultaneously flat on the ground without getting off the seat.


The crank on a crank-forward bicycle, is not so far forward that a seat backrest is necessary.

The crank on a semi-recumbent bike, IS SO FAR FORWARD that a seat backrest IS NECESSARY. 

A Tall Semi-Recumbent (TSR) bike, is just like a semi-recumbent, EXCEPT, when the rider is seated, they are only a few inches lower in height than they would be when standing. This is because the height of the seat, is normally, set to around an inch or so less than the length of the rider's inside leg/seam measurement. 


All the bikes featured on this page are Tall Semi-Recumbents.

The TITAN RG32 Vanguard 
The Future of TSR Bikes

Present Day TSR Bikes

 Present Day TSR Gym Bike

Matrix Side Profile Gym Semi-Recumbent bike_edited.jpg

The First Modern TSR Bike

The Original TSR Bike

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