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Vanguard Business Case

Greening the Future...
"If you want more people to ride a bike, then you need to make a bike more people can ride".

The Titan bike is designed to provide optimal comfort for its rider. The combination of the rider's feet being well forward of the seat, and the seat being fitted with an adjustable back support, produces a 'Chair' like riding position, which eliminates the normal aches and pains associated with the 'precariously-perched' riding position of the conventionally designed bike.

By improving seating comfort, rider ergonomics, ride quality, guaranteeing operational range, accommodating a wide range of riders on one bike, and, increasing luggage carrying capacity on this E-bike, we seek to:

  • Encourage more people to start cycling.

  • Enable more people to keep cycling.

  • Enable more organisations and businesses to utilise cycling.

Private Commuters



















In Urban areas, Titan would appeal to commuters wishing to reduce their carbon footprint by cycling more than they drive but, either desire or need a more comfortable E-bicycle design than those currently on the market. 

In Rural areas, Titan would appeal to commuters who want to cycle more often, and desire or need a more comfortable E-bicycle design than those currently on the market, and who, because of the larger distances they have to travel between locations, also need the guaranteed range and the multiple battery carrying aspect that the Titan can offer.



Business and Organisational Use






For Businesses and Organisations trying to reduce their carbon footprint, the Titan is a relatively cheap, practical and public demonstration of them trying to do so. It also saves journey time and travel costs transporting employees and light goods, especially through the increasing number of restricted-traffic urban areas, and those not accessible to motor vehicular traffic at all.


The Titan’s ability to carry multiple batteries at the same time, without impeding its luggage carrying capacity or handling, means that it will have a good operational real-world guaranteed range of approximately 60 miles. Ideal for those businesses and organisations, needing or wanting to patrol an area, such as the Police Force, Ambulance Service, or Postal Service. 

The ergonomic one-size-fits-most design, will accommodate people from approx. 5ft 3in, to approximately 6ft 7in tall on ONE bike, regardless of their girth. This makes the Vanguard an ideal choice for a Bicycle Fleet or Bicycle Pool, as it reduces the number of E-Bikes required, and in so doing, makes such schemes financially viable with reduced storage requirements and maintenance costs.

The Titan has more luggage carrying capacity than conventionally designed E-bikes. With at least 120 litres of this capacity over the rear, and at least 60 litres over the front, it makes carrying items such as bulky documents, tools and Laptops, easier, all while enjoying an ergonomically relaxed and less stressed riding position.

Dave. approx. height 5ft 9in

Tina. approx. height 5ft 5in

TITAN RG32 Vanguard with 2 x 28L panniers on one side of rear pannier rack 



Health and Medical Use - For organisations, gyms and other groups that promote health, well-being and fitness, purchasing these one-size -fits-most machines for use by their members would be a cost effective way to enhance the 'staying active and mobile' message, especially for the following... 

People suffering in varying degrees from Arthritis and / or Back Pain, they are often recommended to take-up regular, gentle exercise in order to stop their conditions worsening, or at least to contain the severity. Many sufferers will often go to their local gym and will favourite the use of a semi-recumbent exercise bike to do this. With the Titan’s cockpit area being similar to that of the semi-recumbent gym bike, it is literally a gym bike that can be ridden outdoors.  Its ergonomic riding position, significantly reducing stress on the groin, pelvis, neck, shoulder, back, arms, wrists, hips and knees, and, supports the rider's back via an adjustable lumbar bolster. In addition, Titan has a smoother and less jarring ride to that of a conventional bike.

People who are amputees, in addition to the above paragraph, will also suffer less stress on their artificial limbs due to the supportive and ergonomic riding position, and, because of the back-supported-seating, they will also have a hard base on which to push against when needed. 

Matrix Side Profile Gym Semi-Recumbent bike_edited.jpg

Envisaged Potential Customers

•    Organisations and groups promoting health, mobility and fitness

  • Bicycle rental / hire companies 

•    Bicycle city tour guide companies (e.g. London, York)   
•    Bicycle holiday companies (e.g. Lake District tours)
•    Large Holiday Resorts (e.g. Centre Parks)
•    Postal delivery companies (e.g. Royal Mail)
•    Courier service companies (e.g. DHL)
•    The Post Office
•    Police Constabularies using bicycles (e.g. London,York).    
•    NHS authorities using bicycle ambulances (e.g. London, York, Newcastle)
•    St Johns Ambulance Brigade   
•    Local Authorities (e.g. Luton Council uses bikes for its internal post).

     Park rangers


Please note: The above is by no means an exhaustive list.

PLEASE ASLO NOTE: Our other targeted Businesses / Organisations / Authorities, are those who would like to use bicycles to:


  • Free up valuable parking space (e.g. businesses sited in densely populated areas where space is at a premium – i.e. London)

  • Reduce travel costs on short business trips of less than 5miles

  • Avoid congestion charging or motor vehicle restriction zones (e.g. London, York, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bath) 

  • Get around a large site or facility (e.g. car plants, airports)

  • Security patrols

  • Present a greener corporate image

  • Do, short, local deliveries of small goods, e.g., sandwich shops

Comparison of Titan to Conventional Bicycle Design
29er Conventional Bike                                 32er Tall Semi-Recumbent

  1. The Titan design has a greatly improved seating and riding position which significantly reduces stress on various parts of the body, namely the crotch area, neck, shoulder, back, arms, wrists, hips and knees. The rider's back is also further supported via an adjustable-height lumbar bolster backrest. 

  2. The Titan design is genuinely 'one-size-fits-all'. Height-wise, it will accommodate riders ranging from approx. 5ft 3in to 6ft 7in plus.  But it really   All depends on your inside leg / inside seam measurements.  In these terms, then it will generally accommodate someone from approx. 25 to 38 inches.  

  3. The Titan design gives the rider greater stability by enabling them to place both feet flat on the ground whilst still remaining in the seat, a feature which is especially useful when having to stop, and, reassuring when traversing wet, slippery or loose surfaces and other precarious road situations .

  4. The Titan design has superior ride comfort. This is as a result of having a long wheelbase and large 32 inch wheels, which in combination, smoothes out and / or reduces the jostling felt when having to go over potholes, bumps and uneven road surfaces.

  5. The Titan design can carry at least 120 litres of luggage over its rear wheel. This is double the luggage carrying capacity over the rear wheel of a conventionally designed  and sized bike.

  6. The Titan design despite being semi-recumbent, places the rider only a few inches shorter whilst seated, than they would be when standing, ensuring very high visibility to drivers and other road users.

  7. The Titan design utilises large motorcycle mirrors, a safety feature that helps the rider to be more          aware of other road vehicles around them.


  8. The Titan design can carry 5x full-sized batteries like the one seen in the pictures, on its downtube.        For this, the batteries would be further contained in one large case that would look very similar to          a petrol tank on a motorcycle. Depending on the battery cells used, the range could up to 150miles.

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