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History of theTitan...
Long before the Titan was called the Titan, it was known as the MonVal, and it had a 36 inch back wheel and a 29 inch front wheel.
Also, right from the "get-go" it was designed to carry cargo and to do so in this way... 


 ...It was always our intention to add an electric-assist system to the bike, as this would make cargo carrying much easier. However, when looking into the best way to propel the bike, although the science said mid-drive electric-assist would be best, at that time - 2007, the mid-drive kits available were not the best, so the MonVal was  developed as a front-hub motored E-Bike called the MonVal Electra in 2009.

However, later in 2009, we were dealt a couple of  major blows. We found out that the manufacturer of one of the two bicycle internal gearboxes we were using, had decided to stop its production, and, the manufacturer of the other, was rumoured to be in serious financial difficulties at that time. 

There were no alternatives to these high-torque tolerant internal gearboxes. 

So, to lessen the torque requirements needed, we redesigned the MonVal to utilise slightly smaller 32 inch wheels. This way, a wider range of alternative internal gearboxes could be used. Also, by using these wheels at the front as well as the rear, meant that we were still able to achieve a ride quality not too dissimilar to the original.  

Unfortunately, we had to endure an enforced hiatus of about seven years,  waiting for the bicycle technologies in mid-drive electric motors, internal gearboxes and 32 inch wheels, to improve to such a point that all three were good enough to use simultaneously on a single bike.

Today, the MonVal, is reborn in the form of the TITAN RG32 Vanguard. 

Brief walk around the Titan

Display, Demonstrator, and Back-Up Bikes at various stages of completion

Teaser Snippet Video 1 - 
Tina, approx. height 5ft 5in, riding the Titan

Teaser Snippet Video 2 -
Tina, approx. height 5ft 5in, riding the Titan

Teaser Snippet Video 3 -
Tina, approx. height 5ft 5in, riding the Titan

More Titan-In-Motion videos to come...

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