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Health & Practicality

Unlike the conventionally designed bike, the seating position on the Titan gives lumbar support to its rider, and where the conventionally designed bike increases stresses on the rider's crotch area, limbs and other body parts, the Titan's ergonomic design, reduces them.   
Additionally, unlike the conventionally designed bike, the Titan's design enables its rider to simultaneously place both feet flat on the ground whilst still remaining seated, thereby increasing the rider's stability when stationary and when travelling over uneven, loose or slippery terrain. 

Health Benefits

People suffering in varying degrees from Arthritis and / or Back Pain, are often recommended to take-up regular, gentle exercise in order to stop their conditions worsening, or at least to contain the severity. Many sufferers will often go to their local gym and will favourite the use of a semi-recumbent exercise bike to do this. With the Titan’s cockpit area being similar to that of the semi-recumbent gym bike, it is literally a gym bike that can be ridden outdoors.  Its ergonomic riding position, significantly reducing stress on the groin, pelvis, neck, shoulder, back, arms, wrists, hips and knees, and, supports the rider's back via an adjustable lumbar bolster. In addition, Titan has a smoother and less jarring ride than that of a conventional bike.

People who are amputees, in addition to the above paragraph, will also suffer less stress on their artificial limbs due to the supportive and ergonomic riding position, and, because of the back-supported-seating, they will also have a hard base on which to push against when they need to. 


Health and Medical Use - For organisations, gyms and other groups that promote health, well-being and fitness, purchasing these one-size -fits-most machines for use by their members would be a cost effective way to enhance the 'staying active and mobile' message. 

Matrix Side Profile Gym Semi-Recumbent b


Comparison of Titan with Conventional Bike Design
29er Traditional Upright           32er Tall Semi-Recumbent

The Titan design has a greatly improved seating and riding position which significantly reduces stress on various parts of the body, namely the crotch area, neck, shoulder, back, arms, wrists, hips and knees. The rider's back is also further supported via an adjustable-height lumbar bolster backrest. ​

The Titan design is genuinely 'one-size-fits-all'. Height-wise, it will accommodate riders ranging from approx. 5ft 3in to 6ft 7in plus.  But it really all depends on your inside leg / inside seam measurements.  In these terms, then it will generally accommodate someone from approx. 25 to 38 inches.

The Titan design gives the rider greater stability by enabling them to place both feet flat on the ground whilst still remaining in the seat, a feature which is especially useful when having to stop, and, reassuring when traversing wet, slippery or loose surfaces and other precarious road situations .​

The Titan design has superior ride comfort. This is as a result of having a long wheelbase and large 32 inch wheels, which in combination, smoothes out and / or reduces the jostling felt when having to go over potholes, bumps and uneven road surfaces. 


The Titan design can carry at least 120 litres of luggage over its rear wheel. This is double the luggage carrying capacity over the rear wheel of a conventionally designed  and sized bike.​


The Titan design despite being semi-recumbent, places the rider only a few inches shorter whilst seated, than they would be when standing, ensuring very high visibility to drivers and other road users.

The Titan design utilises large motor cycle mirrors, a safety feature that helps the rider to be more aware of other road vehicles around them. 

The Titan design can carry 5x full-sized "Dolphin" style batteries like the one seen in the pictures, on its down tube. For this, the batteries would be further contained in one large case that would look very similar to a petrol tank on a motorcycle. So, if one battery averaged 30 miles per complete charge, 5 batteries would give an estimated range of 150 miles. 

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