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Police E-Bike

Police E-Bike Aspirations

We have aspirations of being the first E-Bike to be nationally used by all the Police Forces throughout the United Kingdom. The reasons why we believe this is possible are explained below:

Regardless of your height or girth, when you jump into a car, you simply adjust the seat, the mirrors and the steering wheel to your needs, and off you go. 
For the first time, on an E-bike, regardless of your height or girth, (to a point) you can do the same thing. 

There are 140,228 full-time equivalent (FTE) Police Officers in post as at 31 March 2022 in the 43 territorial police forces in England and Wales. And, Police Chiefs are looking at ways to put many of those officers back onto “local beat patrols”. They see this as a way of rebuilding links with the local communities they serve and many people in said communities agree. “Bobbies on E-Bikes” appears to be the best practical way of doing this given the limited number of officers, and, the large distances involved traversing the areas they’d need to patrol. The Titan, is a cost effective and ideal tool to assist them in this endeavour. It would also demonstrate publicly, their commitment and efforts to tackle Climate-Change as an institution. 

The ergonomic one-size-fits-most design, makes the Titan Vanguard an ideal choice for a Bicycle Fleet or Bicycle Pool, as it reduces the number of E-Bikes required, and in so doing, makes such schemes financially viable with reduced storage requirements and maintenance costs. So you could literally have at least one bike per Station, safe in the knowledge that most officers would fit. Thus, enabling the rotation of officers for a daily E-Bike patrol.

The Titan E- bike's ergonomic ‘One-Size-Fits-Most’ Unisex design, will accommodate riders between the heights of approximately 5FT 3inches and 6ft 7inches, which is the height range for the majority of the British adult population. The rider’s girth, regardless of size, will not impinge on their ability to use this E-bike, whereas on conventional bikes, it occasionally does. The crank and pedals are positioned forward of the rider’s feet instead of directly beneath them, so the rider is able to easily place both feet simultaneously on the ground whilst still sat in their seat. This gives the rider additional stability and control of their E-Bike, which is especially useful when coming to a stop, and, reassuring when traversing wet, slippery, loose and uneven surfaces. 

This machine combines the rider height advantages of a conventional bike with the comfortable RIDING position of a semi-recumbent one, and the rider’s back is further supported with an adjustable-height backrest / lumbar support. In addition, the rider is only a few inches shorter whilst seated, than they would be when standing, ensuring very high visibility to drivers and other road users. The previously mentioned commonly associated aches, pains and discomfort of conventionally designed bikes, are all alleviated.

Because of Titan’s unique upright riding position, large motorcycle mirrors can be fully utilised for superior vehicular traffic and spacial awareness when compared to conventional bicycle style designs.

Titan has large 32 inch wheels, and 2.35 inch wide tyres. With these, rolling resistance is reduced, and, combined with the bike’s long wheel base, a smoother and less jarring ride is given than that experienced on a conventionally designed bike. A quality most appreciated when traversing rough, pot-holed, and uneven surfaces.

The reinforced down-tube on the Titans’ frame is designed to carry 5x full-sized, 36 Volt, 14Ah or 17Ah Dolphin style batteries like the one in the pictures. For this, the batteries would be further contained in one large case that would look very similar to the petrol tank on a motorcycle. Potentially, the Titan could achieve a range of at least 120 miles using four of these mentioned batteries configured to work in 2x parallel relay pairs, which is less draining on them than if they were worked individually. More or less, guaranteeing a range of around 60 miles irrespective of the previously mentioned factors that could affect this. The 5th battery would be used to separately power lights and other ancillaries added to the bike. This guaranteed range would be very useful.


Dave. approx. height 5ft 9in

Tina. approx. height 5ft 5in

Comparison of Titan with Conventional Bike Design
29er Traditional Upright           32er Tall Semi-Recumbent

  1. The Titan design has a greatly improved seating and riding position which significantly reduces stress on various parts of the body, namely the crotch area, neck, shoulder, back, arms, wrists, hips and knees. The rider's back is also further supported via an adjustable-height lumbar bolster backrest. 

  2. The Titan design is genuinely 'one-size-fits-all'. Height-wise, it will accommodate riders ranging from approx. 5ft 3in to 6ft 7in plus.  But it really   All depends on your inside leg / inside seam measurements.  In these terms, then it will generally accommodate someone from approx. 25 to 38 inches.  

  3. The Titan design gives the rider greater stability by enabling them to place both feet flat on the ground whilst still remaining in the seat, a feature which is especially useful when having to stop, and, reassuring when traversing wet, slippery or loose surfaces and other precarious road situations .

  4. The Titan design has superior ride comfort. This is as a result of having a long wheelbase and large 32 inch wheels, which in combination, smoothes out and / or reduces the jostling felt when having to go over potholes, bumps and uneven road surfaces.

  5. The Titan design can carry at least 120 litres of luggage over its rear wheel. This is double the luggage carrying capacity over the rear wheel of a conventionally designed  and sized bike.

  6. The Titan design despite being semi-recumbent, places the rider only a few inches shorter whilst seated, than they would be when standing, ensuring very high visibility to drivers and other road users.

  7. The Titan design utilises large motorcycle mirrors, a safety feature that helps the rider to be         more aware of other road vehicles around them.


  8. The Titan design can carry 5x full-sized batteries like the one seen in the pictures, on its              down tube. For this, the batteries would be further contained in one large case that would            look very similar to a large petrol tank on a motorcycle. Depending on the battery cells used        the range could be huge.

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