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The TITAN RG32 Vanguard

A Comfort-Biased E-Cargo-Bike Concept

We are the Cargo Ebike manufacturer of this 'E-Cargo-Bike Concept', which has been designed to evolve the bicycle for life in the 21st Century. In our own small way, we hope to help reduce reliance on the combustion-engined motor car for shorter journeys, and by so doing, reduce an individual's carbon footprint and 'Climate Change' impact.
The conventional bicycle design, desperately needed improvement in the areas of rider comfort, ride quality and practicality.

So, in order to address and resolve these issues, we threw away conventional design thinking," thought about what features we'd like to see on a "Next Generation" Utility bike, and  as a result, have ended up developing a genuinely credible E-Bike alternative to the car. One which will enable more individuals and businesses, to seriously consider as a viable option,"riding over driving" for
shorter journeys. 

On the TITAN RG32 Vanguard pictured above...
to demonstrate the bike's cargo carrying capacity,
are featured 2x 28 litre pannier bags fitted 'side by side' on one flank of the rear wheel.  
A conventional bicycle, can only carry 1x bag per side on the rear wheel.
A 28L pannier bag, is one of the largest common bag sizes available for conventional bicycles. 


Dave & Tina

... are the male and female models featured with the bikes to give a
               real-world perspective of the TITAN RG32 Vanguard's size in relation to the average person

Dave. approx. height 5ft 9in

Tina. approx. height 5ft 5in

Please also note:
The seat height, inclination and position of the lumbar support, handlebars and mirrors of each bike, were adjusted to suit the personal preferences of that particular rider, and this is reflected in the photos.

Why it's called the TITAN RG32 Vanguard...
                                       ..."Afterall, what's in a name"...

because like the ancient Greek Gods of the same name, it's BIG! 
... just over 8ft long, with 32 inch wheels, and over-sized T45 Steel tubing to ensure the frame stays straight, strong, and stiff with no flexing even when carrying cargo.

T45 Steel is used to make Roll Cages in Rally Cars, so it's really tough stuff.

because Road and Gravel, are the main surfaces it is designed to traverse. 

because it utilises 32 inch Unicycle wheels, which are much stronger than equivalent sized bicycle wheels.

because it is quite literally, leading the way in new bicycle concepts, developments, ideas and thinking.


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